CAPTAIN      Jane Bainbridge (Arcot Hall)   

                                                               PRESIDENT  Pat Willey (Westerhope)

VICE CAPTAIN  Carolyn Hall (Stocksfield)



Hello Ladies,

               May I say welcome to all of you & a particularly warm welcome to all you new vets out there. I hope you get as much pleasure from this association as I (& many others) have done over the years.

Retirement is a wonderful alternative to work and what better way to spend some of it on the golf course!

Dates for your diary 2015:

Bridge Drive at Stannington on Wednesday 25th February (nb change of day this year)

               The Silver Championship will be played at Arcot Hall 5th – 7th May, following which the Richardson Trophy Team will be selected. There are 3 home fixtures on June 30th, July 15th, July 21st against Cheshire, Cumbria & Lancashire, respectively. Both Durham & Yorkshire are away fixtures. Please come along and support these matches if you are able. You will be able to see some of the top golfers from England in action!

               The Bronze Championships will be played at the City of Newcastle on May 11th, following which a team of 12 will be selected to play against Durham on July 7th at Stocksfield GC. The Cumbrian match will be played Appleby GC on August 24th

Looking forward to exciting golf, making new friends and most importantly enjoying the moments in 2015. 


Jane Bainbridge





Year  Captain Club   Year  Captain  Club
1956 Mrs G Percy Alnmouth   1960 Mrs Lee  
1965/6 Lou Stewart     1967/8 Vicki Wilkinson Alnmouth
1969 Doris Mould Tynemouth   1970 Helen Patterson Alnmouth
1971 Mrs R Harrison Hexham   1972 Norah Baker Alnmouth
1973 Veronica Watson Ponteland   1974 Connie Burton Tynemouth
1975 Marg. Moorhouse Gosforth   1976 Anne Cameron Whit/Bay
1977 Marjorie Porter Alnmouth   1978 Peggy Regnart Gosforth Park
1979 Jane Anderson Morpeth   1980 V. Williamson W/Hope
1981 Dorothy Hall Whit/Bay   1982 Marie Macrae City
1983 Rosie Moralee Tynemouth   1984 Rita Rennie Gosforth
1985 Mary Percy Alnmouth   1986 Valerie Stone Morpeth
1987 Lil Birbeck Gosforth   1988 Margaret Parker Prudhoe
1989 Olive Moore Whit/Bay   1990 Anne Gill Ponteland
1991 Gill Heslop Hexham   1992 Lilian Cliffe Tynemouth
1993 Penny Bellamy Alnmouth   1994 Alice Benson Hexham
1995 Val Thompson W/Hope   1996 Anne Herbert Gosforth Park
1997 Pat Smart Ponteland   1998 Moyra Howie Alnmouth
1999 Muriel Forster Stocksfield   2000 Jean Warne W/Hope
2001 Iris Elliott City   2002 Dot Elliott Whit/Bay
2003 Fiona Southern Gosforth Park   2004 Doreen Davison Swarland
2005 Mavis Howarth W/Hope   2006 Sonia Kennedy Stocksfield
2007 Ena Clark Hexham   2008 Daphne Coney Alnmouth
2009 Lesley Barnes Arcot   2010 Hazel Furniss Ponteland
2011 Julia Tate Blyth   2012 Sue Coughtrie Whit/Bay
2013 Lesley Marsh Ponteland   2014 Audrey Pattison Morpeth